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We Love Schools

May 18, 2020

In uncertain times, how important is agile leadership? Our guest is Diane Egbers. She's pretty much our resident leadership guru here on the podcast. And she heads up a company called Leadership Excelleration.

Why is agile leadership so important during times like these?

Agile leadership, right now, means leaders need to move from uncertainty to clarity, from stability to agility.

But overall, agile leadership requires us to be humble learners.

Change can provide opportunities, if we seek them, that can be better for all involved. Through agile leadership, It can help guide decisions that were uncertain, to what really needs changed.

How do leaders balance stability and agility?

LEI Consulting is offering online learning Agile Leadership Virtual Series.  Details here.

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Through interviews with today’s educational and communication leaders address the issues, obstacles and best practices of communicating with your community in today's all-access social media-driven world.