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We Love Schools

May 11, 2020

In our first of two episodes on the emerging fiscal crisis facing schools, we talked about the 2008 fiscal crisis, the Great Recession, as it was called, and what schools experienced. It is instructive as we look forward to this current crisis and what we might face.

In this episode we talk about how schools can best prepare as they work through this next phase of the pandemic crisis.

Have a financial conversation with your community.  It is critical. There are still many unknowns about the fiscal crisis headed our way. That includes revenue and expenses.

How do you have that financial conversation?  Here are four way you must talk with your community about finances:

  • Schedule it. Develop a calendar and rhythm to your messaging.
  • Broadcast it.  Touch as many mediums as possible.
  • Message it.  Stick to what you know and the facts.
  • Plan it. Show your plan to reflect the new austerity.

We will continue to be with you every step of the way throughout the evolution of this COVID crisis on all our social media platforms, this podcast, and our website. 

It is helpful to reflect back to 2008. There are some real lessons learned and schools will certainly be looking to that to see how they might proceed.

It's just so important for you right now to be engaging with your public about the financial conversation of you're hearing and seeing. Don't count on them to just know and to be aware, but be very real and authentic when you're talking with them.

We Love Schools is a podcast produced by Joel Gagne & Carole Dorn-Bell that highlights and investigate success stories in school communications campaigns.

Through interviews with today’s educational and communication leaders address the issues, obstacles and best practices of communicating with your community in today's all-access social media-driven world.