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We Love Schools

Aug 29, 2016

How do you run a grassroots campaign for your school? Today, Carole speaks with Sue Mahler about how to get community members involved with your efforts and how to communicate directly with voters. Sue runs Mahler Strategic Consulting which specializes in helping schools district and their campaign committees...

Aug 22, 2016

Carole speaks with Mike Klein about creating grassroots programs that can affect real change for students. Mike is a former member of the New Albany Schools School Board and the creator of the grassroots movement, Eagle Pride Victory Club.

Aug 8, 2016

Vicki Davis talks with Joel about technology in the classroom and the important of meeting children and parents where they are (hint: online). Vicki is a teacher and IT director at Westwood Schools. She also has her own podcast, Every Classroom Matters, and a popular blog,