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We Love Schools

Sep 30, 2020

We talk with Dr. Matthew Montgomery, Superintendent at Revere Local Schools, in Richfield, Ohio.

They are fully opened up, unlike his counterpart up in northeast Ohio, Dr. Lloyd, who went fully remote. Here is a link to that episode.

He gives us a little perspective of what superintendents are going through, how they're handling being fully open, where their preparations are for being online if they need to go online, and the general challenges that they're now facing in this era of COVID-19.

School districts are obviously facing tremendous pressure.  School administrators have been under tremendous pressure since March with very little leadership at the gubernatorial and national level, as well as giving them kind of the support that they need.

This hits the schools particularly hard.

And this has put tremendous pressure on our school administrators. So we agree with Dr. Montgomery's suggestion that a little kindness does goes a long way when there is any discussion between parents and stakeholders, and school districts, administrators and teachers.

We spoke with Dr. Montgomery in an earlier episode about about how to manage a school construction project.

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